Training sessions done, now please upload and keep learning!

P.S. This post was a bit early! – we had the last Wednesday session today. As is quite usual, no-one came so we were able to review the project tasks and come up with ideas.

With the last of the SketchUp drop-in sessions today, all training and practice sessions have now been delivered as advertised. In reality these two kinds of session overlapped since attendees at the training sessions tended to have some prior experience with 3D software and people came to the practice sessions to find out from scratch.

Our next priority is to gather every 3D model we can from the attendees at the sessions. So if you have started* a 3D model that is not already in our list here, please upload it from SketchUp (using File/3D Warehouse/Share…) to the 3D Warehouse. If you don’t have the SketchUp software installed, just send us the file (.SKP) and we’ll upload the model for you: email.

*We are able to finish selected entries to a professional standard, especially those that show a building or scene that is significant to a main sponsor.

For the Competition, you must submit an entry by the end of Wednesday 31 October. That’s when we’ll ask the judges to start choosing the prizewinning entries.

After the Competition you can carry on improving a 3D model or producing new ones for the 3D Warehouse and (if suitable) for display in Google Earth. If you want to meet regularly – perhaps once a month – to keep learning 3D modelling techniques using SketchUp, let us know and then¬†subject to demand¬†we’ll arrange such sessions.

We look forward to meeting up with you in November 16-18 for the Awards Finale.

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