“Missing” buildings

If you are an entrant to the Competition with 3D model(s) in progress, please ignore this and upload  them to the 3D Warehouse by end Wednesday 31 October!

For a quick entry, you can pick any of the models marked “JW” here and improve it onm Google Warehouse or (when ready) Google Earth.

Here are a few suggestions of notable buildings and street scenes that no-one so far seems to have modelled. Those in areas of the town that so far show no 3D models in Google Earth are especially welcome, as are models of places outside of yet related to Letchworth:

  • Places on the walking tours: as listed here.
    NOTE: You are invited to produce a ‘fly-through’ video tour from the models in Google Earth, for screening in the Finale. There is even a special prize for this, from the Letchworth Garden City Society.
  • Community centres and public venues: these are listed here.
  • Shopping streets: Leys Avenue, Eastcheap, Station Road and Garden Square. You can do these a section at a time. Apply plain brickwork to the sides (unless on a corner) and rear; omit any extensions.
  • Schools, especially the older ones. Again, you may choose just to show what is visible in StreetView.
  • The pubs: there are partial lists here and here.
  • The Recycling Centre and the Sewage Treatment Works, since those sites provide essential services to this town and area.

Further places are identified in previous posts here and here, but do check whether any you might pick have already been modelled.

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