“Can I improve the 3D model(s) I submitted?”

Yes! If in doubt – ask us, but also let us know if you update any of the 3D model(s) you submitted for the Competition:

  • You can make any improvements you wish to your model(s) in the 3D Warehouse, right up to the Finale and beyond. They are your models, under your control.
  • We are providing the judges with snapshots of each model as captured 2D images and video of scenes along a ‘walking tour’.
  • In some cases we’ll fix up particular models to best effect for screening, alongside the originals, while making that clear via the description of our version in the 3D Warehouse.

So within the rules, this is a community effort for sharing effort and expertise. The sponsors are using criteria to reflect what their organisations value – explicitly, as they’ll say why they are making each award.

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