“The World’s End” filming locations

The movieĀ “The World’s End” is being filmed in various places including Letchworth Garden City, for release in August/October 2013. IMDBWikipedia (with a list of pubs/locations)

Terminology: “movie” = “cinema film”, but from now on does one use the word “film” for “video” or “digitally recording”? Cinema buffs please advise; is this thriller being shot on 35mm?

Do you happen to know the locations? Which of them are not yet modelled in 3D? Who would like to make a tour of the complete series of shooting scenes? You could make a 2D version in Google StreetView first, then maybe other modellers will complete the 3D buildings and scenes to the high standard of the existing models.

Ideas, information and models/tours/3D visualisations are welcome. Please respect the location owners’ & cinematographers’ interests and storyline surprises for cinema-goers.

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