What’s available as a result of this project?

3D digital modelling is an enabling technology for many ends, rather an end in itself. Now that the project is over, we – everyone who has been involved – can carry on modelling in 3D and enabling others to do so for their own purposes: for work or recreation, out of curiosity or for a practical result.

It’s important to finish a project so as to make room for anything new that comes along. No project means no project team, no progress meetings, no timescale and no objective. However we can replace those with elements of the project’s legacy:

  • This web site and the Facebook page.
  • The 3D models for Letchworth in the 3D Warehouse and in public Google Earth.
  • The informal network of modellers that can see and comment on each others’ work in progress online.
  • Guidance via YouTube videos to using the free tools of Trimble SketchUp and Google Earth.
  • Requests, needs and ideas that may arise in this community and from father afield.

Watch this blog for practical suggestions, requests and perhaps new departures.

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