What’s next? – lines of enquiry

This post is to gather ideas that any of us might wish to take further.

Note to existing modellers: Please continue to add 3D models of your choice.

  • The Letchworth Garden City story, by adding the fourth dimension of Time: adding historical models of Letchworth as it was in the 20th Century, or even before this area was chosen for a Garden City settlement. If historically accurate, such modelling can be accepted for the timeline of Google Earth.
  • Developmental models, to illustrate the appearance of major proposals. Usually, planning applications are only accompanied by plans, views and visualisations that serve the interests of the developers. 3D models would arguably serve the wider public.
  • Themed sets of models, such as a selection of the Exhibition Cottages of 1905/1907, the neighbourhood community centres and halls, the public houses, the “public houses” featured in the making of The World’s End (see previous blog post) and so forth. green spaces provide another theme for modelling, since the the public parks and other recreational areas are well documented.
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