Onward to new initiatives…

If you missed out on this Competition, or if you took part but want more, please share suggestions. Here’s a reminder of some practical applications: Your World in 3D

  • Create a 3D model of a notable building in your neighbourhood, or of your dwelling.
  • Imagine a new competition project that will accept all entries uploaded to the 3D Warehouse after this one’s competition closed on 31 October 2012. Better still, make that happen, perhaps by holding its prize-giving in the Letchworth Festival, 7-13 June 2013 website (to follow…) –¬†FacebookTwitter.
  • When new developments take place that change the appearance of any part of Letchworth, add a 3D model of the result, with “Newly constructed” in the Titler or Description. Notes: Don’t use Google Earth to anticipate new developments, though you can do so in the 3D Warehouse. You can invite the developer’s architects to lend or convert their 3D models but they may not let you use them, even with full acknowledgement. Usually the plans submitted to a local authority only contain 2D views, whilst the architects keep custody of their 3D models.
  • Find 3D digital modelling competitions elsewhere in which to hone your skills, perhaps for future use in 3D Letchworth. search
  • Post handy tips and notices e.g. from the forum “3D Modeling for Google Earth & Maps”¬†here
  • Encourage people elsewhere to take part in “crowd sourcing” of our stock of 3D models, using the photographs in StreetView and the sets in our page on Learning … here.
  • Invite the civic societies and other community groups in Garden City* settlements¬†around the world to illustrate their inspiring principles. list *whether called that or not, since the term “Garden City” has been widely misapplied or the founding principles lost through redevelopment. In some respects even the early examples fell short of their original aims!

Such initiatives provide a strand of activity for a network of creative, critical modellers communicating via the 3D Warehouse and Google Earth, toward a virtual “International Garden Cities Institute”.

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