3D models on tablet devices

For various technical reasons, the SketchUp software cannot be ported onto portable touch-screen devices (except for laptop PCs with touch screens). However there are several ways of accessing the 3D Warehouse or transferring 3D models from SketchUp onto a tablet for presenting them interactively on its touch screen.

  • SightSpace 3D for Android platforms, Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Babel3D for iOS, Android and Apple iPad
  • NaviCad to view models from 3D  Warehouse on the iPhone
  • Also for iPhone/iPad: Cubits, Walkabout3D Mobile, 3DeeWarehouse, SimLab 3OBJ Viewer, 3DVIA Mobile, SketchBook® Pro.

Most of these applications are not just viewers but have various other capabilities: article

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