A 3D Printing competition…

Before June 30th 2013:

CGTrader.com, 3D model store, calls the 3D community to design 3D printable models and take part in the 3D printing competition. Two winners will receive an Ultimaker 3D printer and a dozen of other great prizes.

The next industrial revolution already has a name – 3D printing. 3D printing is affecting how products are created and consumed. In order to work, this technology needs professional-level 3D models, but there is a surprising gap between 3D printing industry and professional 3D designers.

CGTrader aims to bridge this gap and help the 3D designer community take a plunge and start modeling for the exciting 3D printing technology. Professional 3D designers have the skills and creativity needed to bring the next big thing in 3D printing, and we aim to encourage them to do that with this 3D printing competition.” – says Marius Kalytis, CEO and founder of CGTrader.com” details.

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