A course on 3D Photography

The Settlement in Letchworth Garden City has a new course: an Introduction to 3D Photography. details under “3D…” & below.

This is about stereoscopy, using ordinary digital photographs and Adobe Photoshop Elements software, not digital 3D modelling (even though Trimble SketchUp is mentioned in the course description). This is offered at a special fee of just £25 for 5 sessions.


Introduction to 3D Photography         Tutor:   Peter Freeman

Day:     Tuesdays from 10th September 2013     Time:     10.00 am – 12 noon     Room:     3

Excellent 3D pictures can be created by anyone who can take photographs on a simple Compact Digital Camera.  Processing the images requires the use of a home computer, or laptop, loaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements. If learners don’t have to have the latest version, versions 5 onwards will work well and are cheaper to obtain on line.
By the end of the course learners will understand the simple principles on which 3D photographs are based and be able to construct your own 3D pictures, which can be viewed with, or without, the need for special glasses. Everything will be reduced to its simplest elements and rules of thumb to avoid the use of calculation.
It should be recognised that not everyone has 3D vision and, if learners have any doubts about this, it is advisable check with your tutor before joining the course.
Learners will need the following items for each session; Laptop loaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements (Ver. 5 on),Digital camera, the simpler the better!
The types of 3D photographs covered will be;
Freeview (Side by side photographs viewed without glasses)
Anaglyphs (Two pictures merged together in Photoshop viewed through red/cyan glasses (provided)
Various types of simple stereograms (viewed without glasses)
Magic-Eye type stereograms assembled in Photoshop from learner’s photographs (viewed without glasses)
During the course the tutor will demonstrate two freeware programmes that may be of interest to learners. Trimble SketchUp (www.sketchup.com) Stereo Photo Maker (www.stereo.jpn.org)
Discussion and questions will be encouraged and learners will be able to work on their own photographs if they wish. Learners will also be encouraged to improve their skills by undertaking a few simple photographic exercises between classes.

A 5 week course. Fees £25 plus Settlement membership.

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