Viso3D Exporter and Viewer for iPad

Viso3D is a new, free 3D tool for viewing SketchUp models on the Apple iPad: about

You can download it directly from the App Store.┬áIt provides several controls, including stepping through a model’s scenes.

The Viso3D SketchUp Exporter is a plug-in for SketchUp that operates inside SketchUp (previously only on Windows, now also for MAC). It exports SketchUp 3D geometry, textures and scenes to a file format called .xcs. You open that in Viso3D, which has several sample files available to try out.

You can: (details)

  • Export your SketchUp model to view on your iPad using Viso3D’s SketchUp plug-in. This works on SketchUp 8/ 2013, Win/ Mac.
  • Add a lightmap while exporting to simulate SketchUp sunlight and shadows and indirect light.
  • View, navigate and explore your 3D SketchUp model on an iPad.
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