P.S. about the BID (Business Improvement District)…

Just when I thought it was OK to close this blog, up pops a mention in Streetlife: here

I have replied as follows:

“Here is the link to the 3D Competition’s “Carry on modelling!” page: here

Some towns and city shopping centres have set up 3D virtual tours, meaning that you can see the frontages of the shops via Google Earth. It’s also possible to show what you would like to have, as a separate model. However it is far simpler to use Google Street View to set up basic tours. The existing views will be out of date so you’d need to create 360-degree “photo spheres”: here

The ultimate step would be to offer a virtual tour of products and services, but that need not resemble the interior of any premises; it could just be a virtual bazaar / a visual catalogue. Anything of that nature needs to be kept up to date daily or hourly and to accept orders and queries during opening times (or around the clock!).

The social media have developed so much since 2012 that I reckon any big project/investment would fail to keep up. So it’s probably better to spot small, quick (“pop-up”) opportunities to publicise the town centre online and attract shoppers to particular events.

Ideas welcome, especially ones that apply the creative talents of North Herts. College (as the 3D Competition did, along with digital businesses) and our new Da Vinci School of Creative Enterprise!”

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