Golden rules of 3D digital modelling

Some advice to 3D modelling beginners from Peter McMullan at Northern Regional Colleges, Northern Ireland:

“… I have pasted below a link to my YouTube channel, there you can find a little of my 3D work going back over the years (and some other stuff). The medical animations are quite interesting. here
Here are my two golden rules of 3D which I always adhere to…..

  1. If you can’t see it, don’t model it!
  2. If it looks right, It is right!

Obviously this comes from a perspective of using 3D in the entertainment industry, I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re using 3D to make engineering designs for planes or buildings.

If you are keen on 3D, if you find it fun, if your passionate about it as I am, stick with it. If you find yourself up against a brick wall and can’t work something out, don’t give up. Just remember that after using 3ds Max [software] since its 1st release in the early 90’s I still refer to tutorials, help files and forums on a daily basis. No one knows it all, but someone knows everything about your problem.”

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