Follow-up learning sessions

Ten people so far have asked us to hold more local ‘workshop’ sessions during the summer, at two levels:

  1. Introductory for ‘technophobes’ and anyone new to SketchUp and 3D graphics. (x2 so far).
  2. Continuing to support anyone with a basic or advanced understanding of digital 3D tools (including attendees of the Taster Sessions) for creating their first 3D model. (x8 so far).

Here is a temporary¬†poster we’ve issued to attract interest while we gather requests and agree dates with volunteer tutors. So please, without delay:

  • Let us know if you’re interested in taking part and
  • Notify anyone or a group who may also be interested!

Comments and requests are also welcome. The Competition is open to anyone who has access to SketchUp software and the Internet. So if you are not in this area:

  • Let us know what kind of support you wish us to give.


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2 Responses to Follow-up learning sessions

  1. Robert Riggall says:

    Can make session on Weds 22 August if still available.

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