“3D Initiatives” Symposium on Friday 16 Nov. 2012, t.b.c.

We are exploring the idea of holding  a small, informal event in the finale of the 3D Competition:

3D Innovations, a Symposium of applied research in 3D technologies on Friday 16 Nov. 2012 at The Community Hub, 43 Station Road, Letchworth, SG6 3WA
(capacity 10 – 20 participants; large screen)


  1. Is there an academic/industry research group that might find this suitable?
    (across 3D animation, visualisation and/or surface geo-modelling)
  2. How to attract postgraduate and early-career academics/industry prototypers, with say 5 presenters + poster/demo. sessions?
  3. Which generic or startling topics for a brief paper+chat would be demonstrable in that context & timescale?

Alternative comments, suggestions and offers will be welcome!

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