Another building: North Hertfordshire Homes

Another building has popped up, this time by our co-tutor Richard of Hitchin Racing Circuit. It shows the shop-fronted building occupied by North Hertfordshire Homes at 43 Station Road, Letchworth Garden City SG6 3BQ. You can look it up in 3D Warehouse here or in Google Earth.

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2 Responses to Another building: North Hertfordshire Homes

  1. Matt says:

    Last time I looked, this building was occupied by the Heritage Foundation for their Community Hub.

  2. John Webb says:

    Thanks Matt – you’re right! Street View is out of date with this but Google Earth shows the up-to-date footprint. I have just taken photos of all sides (and some roof detail) of the new extensions. These are in a zip file, for downloading via the link titled ‘The Hub’ on the page Learning to Use SketchUp. I’ll tell Richard (owner of the NHH model) in case he’s willing to update the existing model…

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