Olympics 3D animation

“Marketing restrictions on Olympic contractors and suppliers are unlikely to be lifted before the end of the year, …” here, quoting the Armitt report, London 2012 – a global showcase for UK plc

What has 3D animation to do with the Olympic Games? The answers are so many and diverse that we need only mention coaching, advertisement / TV trailers / documentaries, venue planning, security, play-backs, big screen visuals …

That’s worth mentioning here for at least two reasons: 2D/3D modelling, animation, visualisation etc. are a vital element of the creative industries in which we in the UK excel and which contributed to an unprecedented degree to presentation of the Games (and hence London and the UK) to the rest of the world.

Another reason is closer to home: the ‘fly-through’ visualisation of the Olympic Park was orchestrated by our main commercial sponsor Earthware. Congratulations to Earthware and all who worked behind the scenes (quite literally in this case) to make the 2012 Olympic Games outstanding!

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