Grant applications

P.S. on 15th/20th August: we’ve just had the first of these grants confirmed! Many thanks to Councillor Keith Emsall of Letchworth South Division for responding so promptly to this urgent request. Since Chris Jackson has already prepared the artwork and we have NHC Reprographics lined up for the job, we’ll get the posters & flyers printed and distributed forthwith.

We’re submitting applications to the local powers-that-be to boost our publicity as follows:

  • Hertfordshire County Council: an urgent request for £125 for printing of large, middle-sized and small posters & flyers for our final round of advertising the Competition during September.
  • Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation: a sum of £475 for a. match funding of the main prize, a Google Nexus 7 PC tablet with 16GB: £100; b. underwriting the cost of hiring a Broadway Cinema theatre for 2 hours: £250; c. printing the final round of publicity materials to advertise the Finale: £125.
  • North Hertfordshire County Council: a sum of £400 to back up a. above if need be, £100; extra advertisement in a local paper, plus editorial if accepted, £300.

Those are the core elements we’re applying for. There are also opportunities: to match-fund the main prize fund and to fund incentive schemes before and after the closing date. The latter are needed because our free training sessions are unlikely to yield enough entries to merit all of the prizes and to justify to the big screenings in the Finale:

  • During the Competition: a grant of £500 so as to reward the first 10 valid 3D models entered via Google 3D Warehouse with say £50 each.
  • After the closing date of 30 September: another grant of £500 or more to commission further 3D models of selected, iconic buildings to a professional standard in Google Earth.
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