The entries

Congratulations to each person who submitted an entry to the Competition! here

Whilst few, our entrants were keen and produced an impressive number and quality of 3D models. You can view the models with information about them in the 3D Warehouse, in the collection named 3D_lgc.

  • Here is a snapshot of the 3D_lgc collection’s contents: Index.
  • Here is a tiny. static map of where the modelled buildings or scenes are: A map of where the 3D_lgc related models are (from 3D Warehouse)







  • Views of the entries in postcard format, with one slide per entrant, are here (PDF @ 16MB).
  • Views of the entries, with one per slide, are shown here. (PDF format @ 21 MB)
  • Here are views captured from a local copy of Google Earth, showing: the town centre models (below)3D_lgc GoogleEarth view of central models,  more of the models at twilight (below that)3D_lgc models in local GoogleEarth at twilight and some of the models from dawn to dusk: here (SWF format @ 12 MB).
  • There is a listing of 3D models below, with links to the models in the 3D Warehouse, 3D_lgc.
  • We made a set of 10-second video clips of individual entries (in AVI format @ 10MB to 17MB each).


Key to class of entrant: young – under 18; expert – working with digital graphics; other – neither.

For descriptions, please refer to the 3D Warehouse.

Entrant Class Location



Public buildings and scenes
JH young Letchworth Railway Station
DB expert First Garden City Heritage Museum
MH expert The Settlement (formerly the Skittles Inn)
JC young The Leisure Centre, Letchworth
DB expert Letchworth Garden City Library
JC young The Brotherhood Hall
JC young Broadway Fountains
JC young

UK’s First Roundabout, Letchworth

DB expert Mrs Howard Memorial Hall
DB expert Broadway Cinema

Offices and shops

DB expert North Hertfordshire District Council offices
JH young The Nexus Building
MH expert Old Grammar School
SY expert Broadway Shops – in greyscale


MH expert 120 West View

Faith related

DB expert The Cloisters
DB expert Fortescue Hall
DB expert St Hugh of Lincoln church
DB expert St Pauls church
MH expert The Free Church
MH expert St George’s church
MH expert St Michael the Archangel church
MH expert Church of St Mary the Virgin
MH expert Church of Saint Alban
MH expert West View Baptist Church
Examples of 3D Views

Click on these images and drag left/right to rotate the 3D view:

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