Most entries made to the Competition are listed in The Entries page here. Log in to the Trimble 3D Warehouse web site and then search on “Letchworth Herts” to view the 3D models uploaded, whether completed or in progress. Most can also be viewed in Google Earth, using the “3D buildings” option.

We welcomed ecological, futuristic etc. views of the same place even though those are eligible for public display in Google 3D Warehouse, but not Google Earth. Historical versions of buildings and scenes may be considered for Google Earth if described as such.

Any cluster of buildings, a row of frontages or a set of buildings with a theme (such as public venues) was especially welcome.

How to display 3D models

The 3D models were uploaded from SketchUp file into the 3D Warehouse. You can view them in various ways:

  • You can download the SketchUp Viewer to view a model at a time, out of its context.
  • With the Google Earth plug-in to your web browser, you can use the button ‘View on a 3D map’ to display a selected model.
  • If you have installed Google Earth, you can use the button ‘View in Google Earth’ to download a model file. Double-click on it to display it in position in your PC’s copy of Google Earth (see below).
  • To view any 3D models that are published in Google Earth, first install the Google Earth software. In the Layers pane tick the option for “3D Buildings”, enter the postcode (SG6 for Letchworth) in the Fly To box and click its Search button. On arrival in virtual Letchworth, use Shift+Down Arrow to tilt the scene and bring up those buildings; then use the mouse scroll button to zoom toward them. The arrow keys let you move the view around.

You can also read the criteria that Google apply for accepting a 3D model from the 3D Warehouse into Google Earth: here.

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