We encouraged everyone who attended our training and practice sessions to pick a building or scene and have a go at 3D modelling with SketchUp. Some of those became the entrants to the Competition. We expected lots of people to upload one model each Instead, a few keen individuals produced a first model with great care and some of those went on to upload many models each.

Here is the list of prizewinners, in the order in which they were presented by our compere, Lee Boswell, Town Centre Manager for Letchworth. CONGRATULATIONS to each winner and to everyone who helped make this project a success!:

Sponsor Theme Presenter Prize Entrant: entry Compliments
3D_lgc Project Team / Letchworth Festival Young learner Frankie Oliver (to signify North Hertfordshire College’s support) Software: Nusoft Nature Illusion Studio Pro James Cooper:
Broadway Fountains 


the UK’s First Roundabout

Iconic scenes for “Putting Letchworth on the Map!”.
Transition Town Letchworth Community and ecology Peter Willcox Cash prize of £25 David Booth:
Mrs Howard Hall
Complexity of model.
Letchworth Garden City Society Civic amenity Allan Lupton Cash prize of £50 Matthew Heaton:
The Settlement
Complexity of model.
Serif (Europe) Ltd Graphical skill (stand-ins: David Levett and Claire Morgan, t.b.c.) Software: Serif DrawPlus X5 David Booth:
The Cloisters
Complexity of model. Runner-up in the public’s vote.
David’s Book and Music Shops Retail (stand-in: David Walker, t.b.c.) Voucher for £30 Selina Yip:
Broadway Walk Shops
Multiple premises in one model.
Siegeworks Graphical skill (stand-in: Alastair Stewart t.b.c.) Custom t-shirt with winner’s choice of graphic Matthew Heaton:
St George’s Church
Complexity of model.
Earthware and The Technology Studio 

jointly with

Harmony Internet

Visual impact Brian Norman  

Kate Davies

Tablet computer: Google Nexus 7 with 32 MB Jenny Heaton:
Letchworth Garden City Railway Station
Also won the public’s vote. 

The judges found it hard to tell the younger entrants models from the experts’ models.


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