The rules were be based on the Letchworth Festival’s Competition Rules as far as those are applicable in its section 1. “Competitions entered by post or Internet/Email, or delivered by hand”. Although the Competition is closed and the project completed, the rules are retained here as an example.

There were also specific rules for this competition as follow:

  1. Individuals and groups may submit 3D models. All contributors to each model should be credited for the components, effort and/or advice they have provided.
  2. For each submission, you must complete and send us an entry form: (Entry Form).
  3. Entries are welcome at any time and may be revised and re-submitted by the entrant at any time up to a closing date of 30th September 2012 unless otherwise agreed.
  4. Each model must be uploaded to Google/Trimble 3D Warehouse in KML file format with a map position within postcode SG6. They should be ready for import to Google Earth and you may submit them for acceptance there. (It will be up to Google to approve models for publication in Google Earth using their own criteria.)
  5. Each entry should be named with ‘3D_lgc_’, with the postcode of the place, premises number/name and the entrant’s initials, for example: 3D_lgc_SG6_4ET_SpirellaBuilding_JW.
  6. Entrants should not disturb the occupiers of premises or areas for which they wish to prepare 3D models. Any requests for privacy should be complied with, even where the parts of the building or area in question are already shown in the public domain. No intrusive pictures should be used and any private elements should be omitted.
  7. Movable or living elements should be omitted, except that plants (trees and shrubbery) may optionally be shown in 3D or in a surface image. The less notable or accessible sides of structures and scenes need not be accurately depicted but should be given opaque surfaces. Details of styling and texture may be omitted so long as the appearance is otherwise accurate. Outbuildings may also be omitted.
  8. In addition to the Festival rule 1.2, entries from anywhere in the world will be accepted and judged for recognition on their merits, However if they are awarded prizes in cash or kind, we cannot undertake to deliver them outside of the UK.

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