Sponsors and Prizes

Here’s a big THANK YOU to our SIXTEEN sponsors!:

  • Earthware Ltd and The Technology Studio − especially Brian Norman and Lucy Marsh − approved £100 as 50% match funding of our top prize, the 16MB version of the Google Nexus 7 tablet PC from Asus. Also we thank them for guidance to our project committee. verdict
  • The creative agency Harmony Internet is based in Biggleswade. Via the Managing Director Jason Higgins, the company also kindly provided £100 to match fund our main prize, the Google Nexus 7 tablet: portfolio.
  • Siegeworks and Earthware Ltd jointly gave permission to reproduce in our publicity the only two 3D models for Letchworth that appeared in Google Earth before this competition.
  • Also we thank Chris Jackson of Siegeworks for creating our graphic artwork, setting up and updating our FaceBook site and donating a custom T-shirt voucher worth about £35 as a prize.
  • North Hertfordshire College hosted our launch with the ‘hands on’ SketchUp training sessions and further training sessions in October. These were led by Chris Jackson of Siegeworks using the excellent computer facilities of the Goldsmith Centre for Business. The College also funded our events management  (below).
  • Invite Creative Events Management c/o Francesca (Frankie) Oliver, who stepped in at short notice to boost the quality of our Finale Awards event. This intervention enabled us to switch venues efficiently.
  • Serif Europe Ltd is a Nottingham-based online retailer of software including advanced graphics tools. The company donated the latest version of their advanced graphics product: DrawPlus X5, worth over £80.
  • Also sourced from Serif, we are adding a special prize of NufSoft’s Nature Illusion Studio Professional worth over £25.
  • Letchworth Garden City Society is sponsoring a £50 cash prize for an award on any Garden City theme (civic amenity, founding principles, history, Arts & Crafts, heritage conservation etc.). A recorded or interactive “walking trail”, “virtual tour” or “fly-through” animation would also be highly suitable for the award see our Blog entry on 31 May 2012.
  • Transition Town Letchworth is sponsoring a £25 cash prize for an award on the theme of “The Bright Future” such as “the best eco-retrofit” of an existing structure. That is to recognise the difficulties of making existing premises and their usage ecologically sound (sustainable), especially in civic conservation areas.
  • From the outset of this project, Letchworth Festival Group adopted and publicised our launch as a Festival event. We thank Ann Pegrum for providing essential advice, guidance and practical effort on the project’s behalf. We also thank Matt Heaton for setting up our web site and providing ongoing technical support.
  • Letchworth Arts Centre (virtual tour) – especially Maria Iredale and David Walker – have hosted our project meetings, advertised the Competition and advised us on running it. Also we thank the LAC for providing a stall in a marquee for advertising the Finale during the 1970s-1980s themed Festival on 17th-18th November 2012.
  • David’s Music and Bookshops via proprietor Paul Wallace has provided a public contact point and experienced advice on publicity. As a prize, the company has kindly agreed to provide a relevant book or a voucher for £30.
  • Letchworth Arts and Leisure Group: we especially thank William Armitage MBE for advice on setting up a temporary group or informal network for 3D digital modelling with SketchUp.
  • North Hertfordshire Homes kindly lent us a copy of their video Tomorrow’s Garden City Virtual Flyover, for screening in the Finale. Jacquie Fowler is the Public Relations & Marketing Officer.
  • Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation donated a grant of £1,000 to support our Finale and ensure the quality of the winning entries. Alastair Stewart, Head of Charitable Projects and Partnerships, kindly advised us on the application process. Also many thanks to the Heritage Foundation for hosting our practice sessions at the Community Hub which is managed by Janet Machin – see our Blog entry of 30 September 2012.
  • North Hertfordshire District Council‘s Letchworth Area Committee whose Chairman is Councillor David Levett committed a total of £400 to publicise and enhance our Finale. Claire Morgan is the Community Development officer for the Letchworth Area who kindly advised us on the process  see our Blog entry on 20 September 2012.
  • Richard Lovewell of Hitchin Racing Circuit generously supported our initial training and practice sessions by travelling from London at weekends at his own expense.
  • Hertfordshire County Council donated the full £125 needed to print our posters & flyers for the final stage of the Competition. Councillor Keith Emsall of Letchworth South division kindly responded at short notice with a grant from his Locality Budget, for the benefit of people in the whole of Letchworth. See our Blog entry for the poster design for the final month of the Competition in October 2012.

The total value of prizes was around £500. The value of funding for publicity, the use of facilities and the efforts being donated by sponsors was higher, in excess of £2,000.

You can check the Rules page here. The sponsors had sole discretion over whether to make any particular award and on what grounds they did so.



































Disclaimer: To comply with their owners’ rules, some of the logo images are shown above and on our other publicity materials to promote the organisations concerned rather than as a mark of sponsorship or endorsement by them of this Competition and project.

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