Learning to use SketchUp

Note in May 2013: Some of this guidance is overtaken by the release of SketchUp (Make) 2013. For installing and using that, see its help and online guidance sources. download, support

We have issued a 1-page guide to Getting Started with SketchUp and Google Earth, attached to a blog post here.

The Competition is now closed. However you can create 3D models and upload them for for showing in Google Warehouse and (if accepted) in Google Earth. If you don’t know how to do that, read on, because we are keen to help you to learn digital sculpting.

  • The basic steps are illustrated here.
  • There is a wide range of resources online, especially via YouTube and in Trimble’s web site here.

We encourage everyone to take up and  continue modelling, so we have provided Links to YouTube videos and other resources to guide you through the 3D modelling process.

Online learning

What if you are not local? You can learn from online videos and forums, such as those listed in the right-hand pane of the SketchUp blog site. For instance the SketchUp Tips and tricks blog is full of tools and techniques. Dummies.com has lots too, as has Bonnie’s Blog. The visual guide Modeling a City is handy here.

Mainly for businesses: You can attend SketchUp training courses in various locations around the world: map. For instance the ones in the UK are run by Excitech in London and Cambridge. They also provide advice on government training grants for businesses in the UK, by region, here.

Obtaining photographs

For acceptance in Google Earth (see below), you can use Google Maps Street View for almost everywhere in Letchworth. Also for instance there are many photographs in the Panoramio site here. Please make sure you get permission to include and re-publish any photographs in your model(s). Always acknowledge their sources other than for StreetView and for your own photographs.

We did not provide photographs on request. However here are sample images of places with which you can practice your 3D skills and freely include, with acknowledgement, in your 3D models.

MacKay’s Junk and Disorderly* – The Wynd* – Fenners Building* – Meadow Way GreenThe former Grammar School* – First Garden City Heritage Museum* – The Community Hub* – Nexus Building* – Howard Cottage Housing Association –  Rosehill CentreHighover Road & Campfield Way* – North Herts Leisure Centre* – Norton Common Bowls ClubBrotherhood Hall* – Arena Parade shopsBroadway HotelFoundation House* – OutdoorPool (Lido)* – a notable house on Wilbury RoadStandalone FarmNHDC Offices

*These have already been modelled or at least started.

Please check in the 3D Warehouse to see which local buildings are in progress or have been completed. The etiquette is to leave alone the models accepted to Google Earth. However with due acknowledgement you can adapt those shared in the 3D Warehouse to make historical and developmental versions of them.

2 Responses to Learning to use SketchUp

  1. Jonathan Fletcher says:

    Please can you let me now when the next training session is?

    • John Webb says:

      Hello Jonathan, thanks for your query. We are gathering requests then we’re hoping to offer sessions next month at these levels:
      Introductory – from scratch (including for anyone who does not get on well with computers!)
      Continuation – for anyone who has attended a ‘taster’ session or wants to start creating a 3D model for this Competition.

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