Our team

We had an active project team in place since our first meeting at end-March 2012, though a few members withdrew due to work commitments and others joined along the way.

The project team

  • Maria Iredale and David Walker of the Letchworth Arts Centre A tribute
  • Frankie Oliver our Events Manager for the Awards Finale who is in charge of Invite Creative Event Management, a Learning Company of North Herts. College. A tribute
  • Ann Pegrum Chairman of the Letchworth Festival 2012 when we started this project. A tribute
  • John Webb founder and organiser of this Competition.

In support

  • William Armitage, MBE of the Letchworth Arts & Leisure Group. A tribute
  • Paul Wallace proprietor of David’s Book & Music Shops. A tribute
  • Lee Boswell, Manager of the Letchworth Garden City Town Centre Partnership. Lee Boswell – a tribute

Those who initially took part (and apart from Richard Lovewell, returned for the Finale!) were:

  • Matt Heaton who set up our web site and got busy modelling buildings in 3D. A tribute
  • Chris Jackson of Siegeworks and a Governor & member of staff of the North Hertfordhire College. A tribute
  • Brian Norman and Lucy Marsh of Earthware and The Technology Studio. A tribute
  • Richard Lovewell who provided tutoring support in our initial SketchUp taster and practice sessions. A tribute
  • Mike Tanti is a Fellow of the Digswell Arts Trust, a fully qualified Landscape Architect, a freelance Designer/Artist and part-time Tutor in these skills, including use of SketchUp. A tribute

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