Digital 3D modelling and visualisation are employed in a wide and increasing range of careers. Some examples are listed below. You are welcome to suggest others!

Often these skills are used by individuals in small companies (operating online, often serving larger businesses) or by teams within large companies. The local market for their services may be so limited that they are almost invisible in the locality where they are based; so look for them online.

When a job opportunity arises they may start by contacting someone they already know or whose work they have seen. Many companies’ and professionals’ web sites explain the specialist kinds of work involved, such as Careers in 3D at Double Negative in London and Singapore, who produce visual effects for film. The links there include career guidance videos for students of various kinds.

Examples of 3D applications

  • Education, training and research.
  • Architecture and design.
  • Geographical sciences, including ecosystems modelling.
  • Chemistry, e.g. in molecular modelling
  • Operation in hazardous environments.
  • Medical imaging.
  • Emergency simulations.
  • Vehicle driver/pilot/crew training.
  • Cinema and video production.
  • Gaming software.
  • Industrial imaging (e.g. in 3D Technology Day)
  • Automation of buildings and infrastructures.
  • Marketing: virtual models/tours of places and premises.
  • Security e.g. facial recognition
  • . . . (go ahead, invent your own and make it happen!)

There’s a longer list at the Virtual Cities Exchange and another in CADbuilt Inc.’s CAD Drafting/Crafting and Design page, in the section on Different CAD Industries here.

University courses

  • View an article by The Independent as to why you should study Animation.

Here are examples of academic courses in the UK in digital 3D design:

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