The 3D_lgc project

WELCOME to the web site for the 3D_lgc project based in Letchworth Garden City, SG6, Hertfordshire, UK.
That’s about halfway between London and Cambridge.



Our sponsor Earthware have posted their verdict on the project and its results here.

Final publicity

Here is the poster we placed in The Comet to invite more modelling by members of the public (“crowd sourcing”). Thanks to Chris Jackson/Siegeworks for the artwork elements for this and our previous posters.

3dlgc Follow-up poster, high-resolution










Where are the 3D models?

  • 23 or more are already in Google Earth (tick its 3D option and search for “Letchworth SG6 UK”).
  • Around  36 including those are in the 3D Warehouse (search for “3D_lgc” or open the 3D_lgc Collection).

Logo and link: visit us on FaceBook

In Google Earth there were only two 3D models for the whole of Letchworth Garden City. We used crowd sourcing to add many more! here

Even thought this competition is now closed, you can quickly find out about creating three-dimensional (3D) models using Google – now Trimble – SketchUp software. This is free in its basic version but also used by professionals. In four easy steps – outline, raise, sculpt and apply photos, as illustrated here – you can help to: “Put Letchworth on the 3D Map!”

Why do digital 3D modelling? – For many possible reasons, for example civic pride, promoting a business, urban planning, crisis response, historical preservation; as Google explain in Your World in 3D.

This competition was launched with 6 free hands-on taster sessions at the Goldsmith Centre for Business, North Hertfordshire College. These were followed by 10 practice sessions at The Hub and in J D Wetherspoon’s Three Magnets pub.

For specialists in 3D/Computer Aided Design:

We held a  3D Innovations symposium from 11:00 to 12:30 or so on 16th November in The Hub, 43 Station Road, Letchworth, SG6 3BQ. This was a specialist business-to-business event by invitation to share the state of the art and prospects for 3D digital modelling, visualisation and related technologies.

We also held a SketchUp Master Class with Mike Tanti Design at 14:00-15:30 or so that afternoon in The Hub. details

Our Sponsors’ Evaluation session was held in The Hub from 11:00-12:30 or so on Friday 30 November in The Hub.

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