Pages and links added

Content has been added as follows:

  • About – links added.
  • Careers – a new page listing careers that involve 3D technologies, plus links to Double Negative and 3D Technology Day.
  • Disclaimers – a new page about permitted use of this site and limitations of the 3D_lgc project.
  • Learning to use SketchUp – note added about non-local submissions.
  • Links – hyperlinks added to Tools (‘List of 3D modelling software’), Examples (HolisticUrbanDesign, Virtual Cities Exchange CADVis), Public facilities (Hertfordshire Library), Training (NextGenSkills, Design8, Landmark3D and SketchUcation) and Commercial Sources (TurboSquid and DAZ 3D Inc), 10K Design, Severn Partnership &
  • Judges – added Tristan Jensen of Jensen Consulting, Barrie V. Proctor of CADVis and Paul Zukowskyj at University of Hertfordshire.
  • Press – a new page with briefings for local, UK and international media, also the archived Project Proposal. List of supporters’ good wishes linked.
  • Rules – added the rule about awards for entries submitted from outside of the UK. Added the requirement for “a map position in postcode SG6”. Added the Entry Form (draft).
  • Sponsors – logos added.

Please check out the content and post any comments you may wish.

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