Walking tours and fly-through animations

This project started with the idea of visualising a walking tour or fly-through animation of Letchworth Garden City modelled in three dimensions. The Competition has focussed on creating the 3D models of buildings that such a tour or animation would require. We have not lost sight of that early objective so you are welcome to have a go at sequencing the 3D models as they appear in the 3D Warehouse and some in Google Earth. Perhaps you could add a voice-over and/or subtitles. You could even apply a theme or narrative to link the scenes into a stoory about Letchworth.

How you go about this is up to you, so long as the result is in a digital file format that we can display in our Finale. It might for instance be a video (AVI) or a Google Earth Tour. Don’t worry if it is incomplete because the buildings/scenes to be visited are not available in 3D yet, so long you  illustrate your concept as far as you taken it by for Finale event.

Examples using earlier technologies:

  1. There’s a short walking tour by the Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation here.
  2. There’s a version on Google Earth, with links to Street View here.
  3. The Letchworth Garden City Society (LGCS) has a Town Trail consisting of linked web pages with text and historical photographs.
  4. Another picture guide is at FirstGardenCity.co.uk. (To use its map index, enable Java plug-ins to run in your browser.)

The LGCS  has pledged a £50 prize to this Competition, so a 3D tour might well win that award!

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