Mapping the 3D models

How can you show anyone how the 3D models from this Competition project look on a map?

  • If they are already in Google Earth, the best way is to open Google Earth, turn on the 3D Buildings option, navigate to Letchworth, tilt the view and admire the buildings & scenes.
  • For those in the £D Warehouse but not (yet) in Google Earth, you can open ints details, choose Show in Google Earth and save its place mark.
  • When you have all the 3D models you want in your of your Google Earth places, Export their place-marks to a KML file. (see a zipped ‘snapshot’ here)
  • You can send that to anyone and advise them to import it to Google Maps. Then all of the models will be marked as pins on the map of Letchworth. When they click on a pin, a view and details of that 3D model pops up.
  • You  can save your own Google map with those place marks and share it as an image.
  • You can also screen-capture and print your map, but if you include the outlying pins the central cluster of pins will be  too crowded to make sense. (see example )


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