“How can I take part?”

In lots of ways! Submitting an entry, helping the project team, sponsoring awards, funding prizes, giving technical support, lending us examples of professional work, running technical training sessions (as hands-on master classes or web seminars), organising and running events etc. However if there is a different activity you would prefer, please suggest it to us!

The range of available activities will vary through the stages of the project. They will also depend on whether you live locally, or can visit Letchworth Garden City, or are farther afield.

Activities you can do from near or far

  • Submitting an entry, encouraging others to do so, giving technical support.
  • Arranging or providing sponsorship, prizes and webinars (training via the Internet).
  • Boosting our publicity and monitoring it effectiveness.
  • Sending us file copies of, or links to, existing models of professional quality as examples.
  • Organising a competition or project based on this one, in your locality (then keeping in touch!).
  • Fundraising and keeping track of our contacts, starting with the 50 or so organisations (mostly local, specialist companies) that have not yet responded to our emails.
  • Researching or assessing the project/competition/outcomes. For instance, what are its opportunities and limitations? how much is its ‘carbon footprint’? social effects? legacy? to what extent is it transferable, scalable, culturally adaptable? …
  • Upgrading our web site to a professional standard, like those of 3D specialist companies we have contacted, and notifying it to search engines.
  • Handling our online correspondence (emails and forum comments).
  • Being our ‘model manager’ by keeping track of entrants and their draft models and submissions (via Google 3D Warehouse), plus our online ‘showcase’ of examples.
  • Acting as our ‘compliance manager’ to assess and assist us with equal opportunities, disputes etc.

Local-only activities

(Note: Please do not travel by air to take part, because of the ‘carbon footprint’ that that would incur!)

  • Joining the project team to run the competition.
  • Taking part in the training sessions as a trainee, tutor or helper.
  • Taking photographs of buildings and spaces from angles that are not available via Google Street View.
  • Checking the accuracy of the 3D models as they are submitted, giving feedback ‘from site’ (especially to entrants from elsewhere) and spotting notable local areas or buildings that we could encourage competitors to model.
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