Judging and awards

Here are notes on the process for submitting entries and deciding which will be awarded a prize.

  1. The competition’s rules are those of the Letchworth Festival plus some specific ones for this 3D competition.
  2. Entrants will submit 3D models for the competition as a whole rather than for particular classes or awards.
  3. Entrants will put their 3D models online in Google’s 3D Showcase and all entries will be evaluated there.
  4. Sponsors who contribute to the awards (in cash or kind) are expected to nominate someone to judge their award.
  5. Each judge will assess each entry on its merits relative to their criteria to decide which entry best deserves their award.*
  6. If no entries are considered suitable for a particular award, that award will not be made in this competition.
  7. Google will independently assess whether entries submitted directly to it meet its criteria for inclusion in Google Earth.

*By using positive selection, we can avoid judges criticising entries whose merits lie outside their own area of expertise (e.g. urbanist, architectural, aesthetic, digital design, ecological, historical, visionary etc.). Entrants can then focus on the particular quality that their 3D model is designed to demonstrate

Comments are welcome, especially as the specific rules will remain in a draft state until the Competition is launched on 9th June. After that date a formal procedure for changing them will be available, so even then please notify us swiftly of any problem you find in applying or complying with the rules.

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