3D models in progress or complete

Up to 29 October, there were 21 models completed and 19 in progress or to be replaced.

URGENT: We need to gather as many entries as we can! So if any model of yours is marked in bold style please upload it to the 3D Warehouse whether  you consider it to be completed or not! Let us know if you want any help.

The buildings listed below have been modelled or are in progress at 29 October (shown with the modeller’s initials; in 3D Warehouse, DB is identified as ‘World6440’ and JC is ‘Coops”).

  1. The Goldsmith Centre, Broadway (CJ) – preceded this Competition – completed
  2. The former Town Hall, Broadway (CJ) – preceded this Competition – completed – twice!
  3. Broadway Cinema, Eastcheap (CJ & DB) – completed – twice!
  4. Spirella Building, Icknield Way (CJ) – completed
  5. The Community Hub, Station Road (formerly North Herts. Homes) (RL) – needs updating
  6. North Herts. Homes (formerly the main Post Office) (SY) – cancelled
  7. Fenners Building, The Wynd (JW) – draft to replace or improve
  8. MacKay’s Junk & Disorderly, The Wynd (former drive-through garage) (JW) – draft to replace or improve
  9. The Nexus Building, on Broadway Gardens (JH) – completed
  10. An Exhibition Cottage (DO) – in progress
  11. The Round House (historical – the house no longer exists; 140 Wilbury Road) (DO) – in progress
  12. Station Place, shops and offices (CJ) – completed
  13. The Public Library block (Broadway & Gernon  Road) (DB) – completed
  14. The HBOS block, Leys Avenue & Gernon Road (DO) – in progress
  15. Double-dormer house (_R) – in progress / out of contact
  16. St Hugh of Lincoln church, Broadway Gardens, SG6 3PQ (DB) – completed
  17. Fortescue Hall, Pixmore Way, SG6 3TP (DB) completed
  18. Salvation Army Centre (Norton Way North, SG6 1BH) (JS) – in progress
  19. Howgills (2 South View, SG6 3JJ) (JS) – in progress
  20. Mrs Howard Memorial Hall (Norton Road South, SG6 1NX) (DB) – completed
  21. North Hertfordshire Leisure Centre (Baldock Road, SG6 2ER) (JC) – completed
  22. St Michael’s the Archangel church (Broadway Gardens, SG6 3PQ) (MH) – completed
  23. St George’s church, Norton Way North, SG6 1DA (MH) – completed
  24. The Free Church,  Norton Way South, SG6 1NX (MH) – completed.
  25. Letchworth Baptist Church, West View, SG6 3HJ (MH) – completed
  26. Hawksley Type BL8 pre-fabricated bungalows, 30 units = 60 semi-detached dwellings in Highover Road and Campfield Way, SG6 4XJ/4XH/4XL (JW) – draft to replace or improve
  27. Cumberlows Composting site, Buntingford, SG9 0QD (where our biodegradeable waste is recycled)  (JW) – draft to replace or improve
  28. St Alban Liberal Catholic Church, Norton Way South, SG6 2HG (MH) – completed
  29. The North Herts. District Council’s offices, Gernon Road, SG6 3JF  (DB) – completed
  30. The Settlement, Nevells Rd, SG6 4UB (MH) – completed
  31. Brotherhood Hall, Gernon Road, SG6 3HL (JC) – completed
  32. St Paul’s Church, St Paul’s Church, 179 Pixmore Way, SG6 1QT (DB) – completed
  33. Broadway Gardens, with fountains and two pergolas, SG6 3… (JC) – in progress – Fountains model uploaded.
  34. Letchworth Outdoor Pool (Lido, 1935), Norton Common, Icknield Way, SG6 4UF (JW) – to replace or improve; JC may improve it.
  35. The Cloisters, Barrington Road, SG6 3TH (DB) – in progress, uploaded
  36. Foundation House, Icknield Way, SG6 1GD (JW) – completed, to replace or improve
  37. Letchworth Museum and Art Gallery (now closed), SG6 3PF (JW) – draft to replace or improve
  38. Church of St Mary the Virgin, Letchworth Lane, SG6 2AJ (MH) – completed
  39. Letchworth Railway Station, Station Place (JH) – in progress, uploaded
You can see most of these 3D models in Trimble 3D Warehouse, whether completed or in progress, either for the Competition or just as examples. To see them, plus College buildings in Stevenage, set up a login and search on “Letchworth Herts”.

Only one version of each site’s model can appear in Google Earth but there are plenty of notable buildings to choose from. So please avoid the sites of existing models (except as noted to replace or improve).

NOTE: The examples shown in italic style are not entries in the Competition so you are welcome to improve any of them or replace it with your own version. See the page Learning to Use SketchUp for the photographs used for most of their textures.

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