Accessibility measures

As we accept grant funding from various sources, we accept requirements to make our competition and events accessible to the widest range of people we can. This post summarises the extent to which we do so.

  • Venues for events (and progress meetings): We are using public premises with wheelchair access: Letchworth Arts Centre, North Herts. College, The Community Hub (downstairs) and the Broadway Cinema in November.
  • Entry to the Competition: Anyone with a visual impairment has a particular interest in, and awareness of, urban living spaces; so it would be fitting to make this competition accessible. However in our present state of technology, SketchUp modelling is inherently visual: sculpting a virtual shapes on a computer screen and applying photographs to its surfaces. The operating systems and SketchUp offer tools such as magnification that help to overcome a lack of visual or motor precision.* We reviewed this concern yesterday with a specialist but we have found for a blind person to use these software tools. Please advise us if you know otherwise. *Note: 3D modelling could be used to convey the shape of the final ‘townscape’ – offers welcome to produce a maquette – but it is unaffordable as a medium to assist the process of working up a model.
  • Finale events: We will use large, high contrast screens for displaying the entrants’ and sponsors’ 3D models and visualisations in high resolution in the Festival marquee and the Broadway Cinema. In both contexts we will be explaining what is on the screen. However anyone with auditory impairment may have difficulty in the marquee and most likely during question times in the cinema’s auditorium. We are not planning to employ a signer – offers welcome! – but we will either use roving microphones or repeat each question from the podium.
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