Iconic buildings to model

What do we mean by “iconic” buildings? These are the ones that are recognised as, and hence represent, Letchworth Garden City. They tend to have complex shapes that are difficult to model, but that can be taken into account during the judging for awards.

Some of the most iconic buildings have already been modelled but the following may not yet have been. Please check this other blog entry and in the 3D Warehouse before you pick one:

  • The Wynd: rows of small shops, SG6 3EN postcard
  • Early Garden City cottages, houses and communal dwellings e.g 4 Nevells Road postcard
  • Early shops and factories e.g. Leys Avenue, Esquires Coffee House, SG6 3ED image
  • Early places of business e.g. St Edmundsbury Weaving Works, 124 Ridge Road, SG6 1PT, web page
  • The People’s House, Station Road, 2 Station Road, SG6 3AZ image
  • The Colonnade, Station Road, SG6 3AU opposite the railway station image
  • Schools: St Christopher, Barrington Road, SG6 3LZ;  St Francis, Broadway, SG6 3PJ; Hillshott, Ridge Avenue, SG6 1QE; …
  • Churches: the former Elim church, 269 lcknield Way, SG6 4UE; … (MH has modelled several church buildings so far)
  • The Letchworth Hall Hotel, Letchworth Lane, SG6 3NP image
  • Broadway Hotel, The Broadway, SG6 3NZ, web site, image
  • Street scenes and parks: the avenues, public gardens, quadrants, …
  • Letchworth Garden City Railway Station, SG6 3AN (JH may have started this)
  • UK’s first traffic roundabout, Broadway web page
  • Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Rosehill, SG6 3NA image*
  • Howard Cottage Housing Association’s new offices, Pioneer House, Norton Way South, SG6 1NY web page*
  • Norton Post Office, 93 Norton Road, SG6 1AD photo
  • (where else? – suggestions are welcome…)

*See our Learning to use SketchUp page for all-round sets of photographs that you may use for modelling.

NOTE: The images linked above are included as samples without permission to reproduce them.

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